Friday, April 5, 2013


by James Craig Green

I've been blogging about two years now.
Most of the following - my favorites - are about the government BEAST destroying America to the most resounding applause and PUBLIC praise:

Adam Smith's Dismal Science (Mar 2011):
(MALTHUS' BLUNDER, Great Myths of the Great Depression and the illogic of a
century of overblown government regulation, while blaming markets)

Science = Deduction + Induction (May 2011):
(Why SCIENCE can never be settled... please stay with it; you'll be rewarded)

Private Property, Public Plunder (May 2011)
(Private Property PRODUCES ALL the wealth that Government consumes and wastes)
The Problem With Democracy (Jun 2011):
(VOTERS in a Democracy overwhelm producers, like in the ROMAN EMPIRE and today's Post-Peaked WELFARE STATES)

DON KIRKLAND on The Gap Between Rich and Poor (Mar 2012):  (Excellent Summary of GOVERNMENT-GONE-WILD by my Best Friend)

Junkie Nation (Dec 2012):
(More on the WELFARE STATE and Government Junkies voting for a living)

How to Cook a Golden Goose (Jan 2013)
(Crony Capitalism of the Welfare State; Bush & Obama = Hoover & Roosevelt)

THE LAW by Frederic Bastiat - highlights (Feb 2013):
(THE BEST FREEDOM BOOK EVER - what Government should -- and should not do)

CONSENT of the Governed (Mar 2013):
(DEMOCRACY IS DESTROYING AMERICA - and the Founders' Limited Republic)

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