Wednesday, September 28, 2011


As I've told many others from all across the political spectrum, my friend Ari Armstrong is one of the very best writers and promoters of liberty I have ever encountered. It was not surprising that he won the top national award from Boston's Sam Adams Alliance a couple of years ago.

(9/30/2011 UPDATE: Armstrong Nominated for Hoiles Prize! Be sure to look at the articles for which he was nominated, as well as the ones I recommend below.)

For about two years now, I have participated in his "Liberty in the Books" discussion group in Denver, co-founded by Ari and our mutual friend Amanda Teresi-Muell. This has given me a great opportunity to get to know Ari, his wife Jennifer and his network of freedom activists. But, the thing that impresses me most about Ari is his writing.

Ari has an elegant way of saying a lot in a few words, each one carefully chosen to have the maximum impact. I greatly admire people who practice economy of language, especially when it comes to getting government back to its protective role instead of promising everyone everything, for "free" (always at someone else's expense, of course).

If you wonder why or how government got so big, bureaucratic and oppressive, or what its proper role should be, a few of Ari's articles will provide lots of food for thought.

Ari has been particularly prolific with articles that struck a chord with me this summer, so here are four of my recent favorites, including two by Ari and his father, Linn. I can't think of anyone whose writing I would like to emulate more than Ari Armstrong.

Elizabeth Warren - Business Doesn't Pay Fair Share

Wolf Blitzer Grilling Ron Paul

Shared Liberty, not Shared Sacrifice

Left and Right Assault Free Speech

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